Respect for Your Land, Your Heritage, Your Legacy

We understand that it is a privilege to be able to develop on a landowner’s property. We know that in many cases the land has been in the family for generations and they view themselves as stewards of their heritage and legacy. We make it clear to landowners that we aim to have the smallest impact possible. We seek the landowner’s input on turbine placement. We often improve the land as part of the construction process. We repair any damages we cause and we make good on any crop losses due to construction. Once the project is operational, landowners can resume agricultural use of the land.

We Are Strong Partners

We are committed to creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that benefit landowners and their communities. To ensure that the relationship is healthy, we work to make sure that landowners understand the project proposal fully, we communicate abundantly and transparently, and we do what we say we will do. When multiple landowners are involved in a project, we use a uniform agreement for maximum transparency. Once the landowners are ready to proceed, we devote ample resources to ensure that the project is fully completed and operational on schedule.