Committed to Building Positive Long-Term Relationships

Our projects are fundamentally community-based endeavors, and the success of a project is directly tied to the strength of the relationships we build with local communities. To this end, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with community members to ensure that we move forward together in a direction that provides significant local benefits. We work proactively with local leaders, indigenous populations, environmental organizations, and local civic and governmental entities to identify any concerns early in the process, as well as to find ways to expand the project's benefits.

Our projects bring direct benefits to the local communities through increased tax revenue, job creation, and contributions to local causes. The projects can have hundreds of workers on-site during construction, and we strongly encourage our contractors to hire qualified local subcontractors and workers whenever possible.

In addition, our presence brings significant indirect economic benefits to the region through increased revenues for service industries, such as local restaurants and hotels, and the purchase of goods and services during both development and construction.

We also take great pride in getting to know the unique needs and aspirations of each local community so that we can support local organizations and initiatives that help the community achieve its goals.

Lastly, as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we work closely with our local communities and regulators to understand their concerns about environmental impacts. We incorporate what we learn into our mitigation measures, often collaborating with local officials and regulatory entities to develop plans that exceed permitting requirements.