Wind and Solar

Energy for Generations

Generated from a pollution-free and inexhaustible natural resource, wind and solar power projects provide cost effective and abundant home-grown renewable energy. Whether wind or solar, an abundant and continuous supply translates into stable production costs with relatively low environmental impacts along with tangible local benefits to the communities where we develop our projects. In short, wind and solar power are a responsible way of addressing current and future energy needs.

Our Substantial Production Footprint and Pipeline

Since our launch in 2009, we have brought over 2,500 MW of capacity to market. Our current development pipeline includes more than 5,900 MW of wind and solar, as well as several transmission projects in active development in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Japan.

Our Wind and Solar Expertise

Our expertise in wind and solar is defined by our science based approach, which we use to identify patterns and solutions that unlock opportunities.

Our methods are the most rigorous in the industry and our research capabilities are the most robust. We have a staff of 5 meteorologists equipped with their own high performance computing center dedicated to discovering and modeling project opportunities. When we find a viable, dynamic market with open prospects, we begin a multi-year process of collecting on-site data. The data is then analyzed by our team, which work through all aspects of project design utilizing over 30 years of collective industry experience.