Expert Interconnections for Renewables Projects

The interconnection to the grid can make or break an energy project, and we have worked hard to develop an approach and an expertise for connecting our wind and solar projects to the grid. We have engineers and other experts dedicated to the analysis of interconnection points, and then to the development, siting, permitting, and financing of our projects, including the transmission work. We have brought a wide range of projects online, including those with low and high voltage connections, and we have accumulated a deep base of experience along the way. This transmission expertise becomes even more important as our projects get larger and further from load.

Standalone Transmission Projects

Pattern Development also develops standalone transmission projects. We are currently developing several transmission projects, including the Southern Cross Transmission project, an up to 3,000 MW bi-directional HVDC line that will connect ERCOT in Texas to SERC in the Southeastern United States. Prior to that, our team successfully conceived, permitted, financed, developed, and placed into service the Trans Bay Cable project in the San Francisco bay, a 400 MW submarine cable HVDC project that carries 40% of the northern San Francisco peninsula's peak load. Our experience gives us a unique position in the FERC Order 1000 process as one of the few teams that have successfully completed the development of an independent transmission line in the United States.