Expertise at Every Stage

Developing an energy project is a complex undertaking that requires rigorous analysis, creative problem solving, and intense focus. The major stages of a development project can be broken out into three main phases: Prospect Evaluation, Project Terms & Finance, and Engineering & Construction.

Our Scientific Approach to Prospect Evaluation

When we evaluate a prospect, we look at the resource potential, the transmission capacity, the market opportunity, and the environmental factors.

Resource Potential

When we research the resource potential of a prospect, we use the most rigorous methods, the most powerful tools, and the most robust research staff. We have a staff of 5 meteorologists equipped with their own high performance computing center dedicated to modeling project opportunities. As our interest in a prospect grows, we begin an on-site meteorological data campaign to collect wind data. Those on-site measurements are then analyzed against the long-term wind climate in the region to better understand the true long-term wind resource for the project.

Transmission Capacity

When evaluating the transmission capacity, we look to make sure that any power we generate can be delivered to consumers. Our engineering team models the transmission grid in partnership with the local grid operator to minimize transmission risk.

Market Opportunity

It is also essential that we understand the local energy market so that we can ensure that demand for energy be sufficient to eliminate any market risk for the life of the project. Our team of economists and financiers use sophisticated models to make sure the addressable market is robust enough to allow us to secure favorable agreements with credit-worthy power purchasers.

Environmental Factors

Lastly, we need to know what kind of environmental impacts could compromise the integrity of the project. In addition to regulatory requirements, we study the land and wildlife in order to avoid and minimize impacts. We use everything we learn to determine if a proposed future facility is appropriate and feasible.

This process has enabled us to discover highly productive sites in markets and niches that have been overlooked, ignored, or abandoned by others in the industry.

Innovative Project Terms & Finance

When we are ready to pursue a prospect, we then begin work on structuring the terms of the project with landowners, regulatory entities, power purchasers, and finance partners.


Typically the project site is large enough that we must partner with multiple landowners. Our approach is to engage them with transparent communication that allows them to fully understand the project and its implications.

Regulatory Entities

We work with local regulatory entities to obtain permits and to engage in creative problem solving around environmental impacts. This collaborative approach has led to some important technology innovations that significantly minimize negative impacts while optimizing availability and yield.

Power Purchasers

We use our industry expertise and know how to structure favorable agreements with the top-rated creditworthy power purchasers in the local market. Our experience and our reputation make us a valuable partner.

Finance Partners

When we arrange the financing for the project, we combine our resources with those of our lenders and investors to make sure there is ample capital. The transformational partnership structure innovated by our finance team has become the dominant model used in the wind and solar energy sectors over the last decade.

Outstanding Engineering & Construction

Our project engineering and construction team has a long-standing record of bringing over 25 projects online on time and on budget. We make this happen through intense focus and a commitment to creating the best quality facility. We use top tier contractors, have completed multiple projects with each of them, and have developed a highly efficient and refined workflow. We are deeply experienced at structuring agreements with our contractors to provide a high standard of safety and security to our projects.


When a project reaches maturity, we offer it under a right of first offer agreement (ROFO) to Pattern Energy Group Inc., (NASDAQ: PEGI; TSX: PEG), a publicly listed company dedicated to owning and operating long-term renewable energy projects, and have sold 1,472 MW of owned interest to them. We own a minority stake in Pattern Energy Group Inc., and the company has preferential rights to acquire the projects that we develop.