We are guided by a set of values that factor into everything we do as a company. For every project that we undertake, we strive to use a science-based approach to innovation, develop top quality projects, support the communities around our projects, and act as stewards of the land.

Our Scientific Approach Drives Project Breakthroughs

We use the most rigorous methods and the most powerful tools. Leading the field in research and analysis, our methods define the state of the art in our industry. This approach has helped us discover important prospects, raise the bar for availability and production, and deploy important new technologies for mitigating environmental impacts.

We Build Quality Projects

By focusing on quality at every step of the development process, our projects are built to maximize production, profitability, and long-term value. We use the most sophisticated engineering techniques to design our projects, hire elite contractors to build our facilities and buy the best equipment from leading industry vendors. We also establish offtake agreements with top-tier, creditworthy counterparties.

We Support the Communities Around Our Projects

We ensure that our projects succeed by making sure our projects’ communities succeed, and we invest in building strong relationships with landowners, neighbors, local officials, and community members. We build trust through communication and collaboration. We work hard to structure our projects so that the economic benefits spread to the local tax base, job market, and community organizations. We are proud that our values have helped us create some of the first partnerships with Native American and First Nation communities.

We Respect The Land

We aim to advance the best practices of identification, assessment, and mitigation of our projects’ environmental impacts. We engage stakeholders during the planning of projects, and we design project sites that respect habitat and wildlife. We comply with all laws and regulations and sometimes even apply our own stricter standards. And we construct our projects using best practices to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.