Pattern Development is a leader in developing renewable energy and transmission assets. With a long history in wind energy, our highly-experienced team has developed, financed and placed into operation more than 4,500 MW of wind power projects. We have a global footprint currently spanning the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Japan and a strong commitment to promoting environmental stewardship drives our dedication in working closely with communities to create renewable energy projects. 

We have earned our position as an industry leader by combining creativity, focus and a scientific approach to discover patterns that unlock important opportunities. As a result, our company history shows consistent, groundbreaking work.

Our portfolio is full of industry firsts. Our team was the first to successfully develop a utility-scale wind energy project:

  • on Native American lands in the United States
  • on the Gulf Coast of Texas
  • in the State of Nevada
  • in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

We are also currently pioneering transmission projects to deliver wind energy to the Southeastern United States.

Additionally, our portfolio gives us the distinction of working with the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) to install a large amount of the wind power projects found on their land.

The transformational partnership structure innovated by our finance team has become the dominant model used in the wind and solar energy sectors over the last decade.

All of these accomplishments have been possible because of the way that we get the job done at every stage of the development process.

By re-examining established practices, we discover new ways to approach our projects. We discern patterns through a systematic and scientific approach, but we count on our practical know-how and industry experience to convert them into projects that perform. When we find profitable patterns, we repeat them. This cycle of discovery, deduction and development is a pattern we’ll keep repeating.